Christines's Grief Coaching - Life during and after loss
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In general, coaching is motivating, inspiring and empowering another person to improve themselves to soar from where they are to where they want to be.

So what is Grief Coaching?

Grief coaching is:

  • Active, even proactive, not only aiming to address problems but also to recognize them and to even prevent them from happening by obtaining some insight and self knowledge
  • Nonjudgmental guiding; encouraging change in a client’s current and future behavior.
  • Accountability to building healthy patterns encouraging empowerment, strength, abilities, self confidence and growth with which to experience happiness and ultimately peace.
  • Transition from a less optimum functional state to a better or excellent one
  • Realizing you can reach your life dreams during and after loss. The end result of this action will be happiness, joy and peace with your life.
  • Valuable. Offers you excellent results when addressing your unique needs through focused support in your grief journey.

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