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grief coaching in englehart ontario

grief coaching in englehart ontario

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Grief – You are asked every day, every time you meet someone: “How are you doing?” and your response is always the same: “I am fine, thanks.” But you would really like to scream out how much you are not fine and how you would really like them to stop asking because it is making you very angry. So for now, you just avoid the social situations and try to stay at home. Alone.

Grief – You are expected to do all of the tasks that previously took two people and you may also have the burden of care giving at the same time. It is just overwhelming. It isn’t fair.

Grief – You may have five days bereavement leave from your place of employment and then you are expected to be back at work; full steam ahead. It is so discouraging.

Grief – you can get government employment support to take time to provide care giving but it is not the same money that you made when you worked outside of the home. How do you manage financially? It is stressful and worrisome.

It was reported in Time magazine that recovery from the death of a partner can take 5 to 8 years. That is a long time to be sorrowful.
One in four North Americans will be diagnosed with cancer or a disease of the circulatory system i.e., heart or stroke, but with medical advances this means that one in four households is providing care giving to a loved one. That is overwhelming.
This means a life of quiet desperation.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have some support?
Wouldn’t it be wonderful to relieve some of the stress and find some happiness again?
Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to return to work and be productive and have your finances back in order because you are feeling happier?

Now imagine that you have support and encouragement. Imagine that you have an outlet for your stress and worries with methods to help alleviate them. Imagine feeling happiness again.
Imagine discovering who you are and remembering your life dreams.

I would like to help. Would you be willing?

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